DEM Applications

Here is a short list of sample simulations of various solid processing units performed by DEM.


V blender DEM simulation

V-Blender: a DEM Simulation

V-blender (V-mixer) is found in most of solid processing industries. They provide reliable and easy mixing of dry powders in batch mode. This mixer can be found in many industries such as food and pharmaceutical processing. You see a list of V-blender applications here: Food processing : mixing of dairy…

Screw conveyor DEM simulation

Screw Conveyor: A DEM Simulation

Screw conveyor uses the power of a rotating helical ribbon to transport solids from one place to another. They usually are horizontal or with a slight angle with respect to horizon. They have applications in many industries including chemical and petrochemical, power plants, cements, paper, flour, iron and steel foundries,…

DEM Rotating Drum non-spherical particle

Rotating Drum with Non-Spherical Particles: A DEM Simulation

Many industrial processes like granulation, particle coating, bio-mass pyrolysis, dryers contain rotating drum as a part of their processes. its rotation cause a gentle motion of particles. So, this gentle motion brings particle to the bed surface, where particles avalanche from top to bottom. The drum wall pulls particles up…

Packing of Hollow Cylinders cemf DEM discreteFlow

Packing of Hollow Cylinders (Catalysts) in a Tube: a DEM Simulation

In many occasion in process industries (i.e. chemical engineering), we need to create a random packed bed of Catalysts. Packing of Hollow Cylinders in reactor (heterogeneous catalytic reaction) tubes can be simulated using DEM. This packing will then be used in other reactor flow simulations for more detailed kinetics, heat…


Four: Flow pattern and particle mixing in a rotating drum using DEM

We investigate mixing mechanism in a rotating drum operating in rolling regime. To this end, a drum with the diameter of 0.2 m and depth of 0.03 m is half-filled with 19000 3-mm spherical particles. Rotation speed of the drum is 10 RPM. This rotation speed creates the cascading regime…