About Us

Center of Engineering and Multiscale Modeling of Fluid flow (CEMF) is a research center at Faculty of Chemical Engineering, Amirkabir University of Technology, Tehran, Iran. We in CEMF  focus on the fluid flow modeling, granular flows, and process simulation and intensification. We use various modeling techniques that suit process flows in chemical, mineral, food and pharmaceutical industries.  Each of these modeling techniques are suitable for a specific length- and time- scales. Therefore, we may use a combination of these techniques to cover the large scale of an industrial processing unit and get enough insight into the detailed physics of the flow (for more information on multiscale modeling visit here).

In recent years with fast growth of computational power and numerical tools, various flow modeling tools have been developed. Process simulators, CFD codes, DEM codes, 3D modeling tools, post processing packages in combination create a platform for us to precisely simulate various processes and obtain critical information about a process and even predict its behavior under various conditions. 

We have been developing and using these numerical tools in recent years. We successfully developed robust independent codes and dependent codes to extend/add sub-models for the available CFD and process simulator packages. You can obtain more details about our DEM -based codes here and about our CFD-based codes here. Here is a list of various soft technologies that we use for the processes of problem solving and code development in CEMF.