About PhasicFlow

PhasicFlow is a parallel C++ code for performing DEM simulations. It can run on shared-memory multi-core computational units such as multi-core CPUs or GPUs (for now it works on CUDA-enabled GPUs). The parallelization method mainly relies on loop-level parallelization on a shared-memory computational unit. You can build and run PhasicFlow in serial mode on regular PCs, in parallel mode for multi-core CPUs, or build it for a GPU device to off-load computations to a GPU. In its current statues you can simulate millions of particles (up to 11M particles tested) on a single desktop computer. You can see the performance tests of PhasicFlow in the wiki page.

How to use?

You will learn how to use PhasicFlow through a set of tutorials on the wiki page of the official repository on github. Also, you will find a broader range of sample case setup files in tutorial folder of the code.

How to get the code?

You can access to the source code of PhasicFlow through the official repository on github.