Four: Flow pattern and particle mixing in a rotating drum using DEM

We investigate mixing mechanism in a rotating drum operating in rolling regime. To this end, a drum with the diameter of 0.2 m and depth of 0.03 m is half-filled with 19000 3-mm spherical particles. Rotation speed of the drum is 10 RPM. This rotation speed creates the cascading regime in the drum. For rolling regime you may decrease the rotation speed. Simulation has three steps: settling of particles in the drum, rotation to reach the steady condition and marking three groups of particles as tracer and tracking them when rotation of drum continues.


  • Solver: cemfDEM
  • Tested with: gfortran-4.9, gfortrean-7.5, intel Fortran 2013, Intel Fortran 2015.
  • Model: spherical particles, mono-sized, 3D
  • Physical system: Mixing and flow pattern of granules in rotating drums.



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