Packing of Hollow Cylinders (Catalysts) in a Tube: a DEM Simulation

In many occasion in process industries (i.e. chemical engineering), we need to create a random packed bed of Catalysts. Packing of Hollow Cylinders in reactor (heterogeneous catalytic reaction) tubes can be simulated using DEM. This packing will then be used in other reactor flow simulations for more detailed kinetics, heat and mass transfer studies.

In addition to catalytic reactors, other industrial applications required simulating a random packed be of particles, with arbitrary shapes. DEM can be used as a powerful tool for creating such a packing with various packing procedures.

In this animation, you see packing of Hollow Cylinders (catalysts) with diameter of 1 cm and length of 1 cm. Hollow cylinder catalyst particles can increase the effectiveness of chemical reaction on catalyst. Tube radius is 5 cm. DEM simulation has been performed using discreteFlow code.

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