DEM codes


This code is developed in FORTRAN standard. It can perform DEM simulations for spherical particles. The code benefits from various optimization algorithms giving rise to its execution speed, though it not parallel. Therefore, simulating tens of thousand particles within a reasonable time is possible. This code can be compile and run under both Windows- and Ubuntu-based operating systems.

This program can be downloaded in this website and can be compiled and used for non-commercial use. For code more details about this code and how to use it, please click here


This code is developed in C++ and palatalized using openMP® platform, which makes it possible to be executed on shared-memory computers. This can simulating spherical and non-spherical particles, rigid and flexible particles, particle shrinkage and swelling. The containers (walls) form simple to very complex can be simulated using this code. A combination of unlimited a series of linear and rotational motions can be specified for walls  which makes it possible to simulate very complex motion of objects (walls). For more details and sample simulations click here