cemf flow field solvers based on OpenFOAM®

OpenFOAM® has a set of standard solvers that can be used to analyze conventional flow field problems in the real world. However, many flow fields/processes in chemical engineering related industries require special solvers with special features. We in cemf develop our customized solvers for our research and industrial needs. You see some of the developed solvers:

CFD-DEM solver

This solver is an unresolved CFD-DEM solver for spherical particles. The CFD and coupling parts are developed in OpenFOAM environment and the DEM part is implemented using CUDAC++ toolkit. So, it leverages the computational power of both CPU and GPU. You can find more details about this solver here.

cemfReactingFOAM solver
A compressible/incompressible solver for reacting mixtures. The solver is accompanied with various physical models and reaction solvers for stiff conditions. The reaction sets can have various concentration basis and it also supports simple to complex reactions from simple power law reactions to complex polymerization reactions.  
cemfChromatographyFOAM solver
This solver is a multidimensional solver for simulating chromatography columns that are working based on the size exclusion principles. The solver solves for flow field to obtain velocity distribution and species balance for both stationary and moving phases to obtain concentration distribution. You can find more details about this solver here.