Simulating a Bubble Column Using OpenFOAM®

You will learn how to simulate a bubble column suing OpenFAOM®. All the details on sub-models and simulation settings are presented in this tutorial. You can also see the animation of the simulation results here.

  • Solver: twoPhaseEulerFoam
  • Compatible with: OpenFOAM 7, OpenFOAM 6, OpenFOAM v1912
  • Model: Euler-Euler compressible flow, RAS turbulence model, 2D & 3D
  • Physical System: A bubble column with air and water is simulated.


  • Description: The bubble column (see here for technical details) in this tutorial is a cylinder with internal diameter of 0.26 m and height of 2 m. One meter of the column is initially filled with water at 300 K and atmospheric pressure. Air (at 300 K) enters from the bottom of the column through a perforated distributor (here, a uniform gas is assumed for simplicity). This simulation is performed based on the experiments of Kumar et al. [Kumar, Moslemian, and Dudukovic, 1997. AIChE Journal, 43, 1414-1425] with some slight changes.

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