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sandia-D flame-reactingFoam

reactingFoam: How to simulate combustion of a flame by OpenFOAM

You will learn how to use reactingFOAM solver to simulate a turbulent combustion of methane in air. The simulation is based on the combustion of methane in the Sandia D…

Install openfoam-v2006 from source pack

How to Install OpenFOAM v2006 from Source Pack

In this post you will learn how to install OpenFOAM v2006 from source pack. The operating system is Ubuntu 18.04 LTS. It is assumed that you are installing OpenFOAM v2006…


Residence Time Distribution (RTD) in Stirred Tank Reactor: OpenFOAM Simulation

You see an OpenFOAM simulation of a single phase stirred tank reactor using AMI technique. This simulation is performed to find the residence time distribution (RTD) in a stirred tank…

Residence Time Distribution by Particle Tracing

Residence Time Distribution by Particle Tracing

In this tutorial you will learn how to setup a particle tracing system to obtain the residence time distribution of flow in a T-channel. This method can essentially be applied…